Loan closing days are my favorite days to come to work. All the hard work my processor, my borrower and I have done over the last 30 days comes to an abrupt end when we all meet at the closing table. Part of me is always sad because my borrowers become a part of my everyday life for a month or so and it all comes to an end on closing day. I keep in touch with most borrowers but it is not the same as having daily conversations about their mortgage, finances and over all personal and financial goals. My borrowers become a part of the AMCAPFIN family during the loan process and there is always a part of me that misses the daily conversations. I especially enjoyed working with my borrower that is closing today and I will definitely miss the hilarious conversations we have had every day for the last month.

I enjoy closing days so much because it is the day that we prove we are who we advertise our selves to be. We strive to make the entire refinance process transparent as well as educational and closing day validates all of our claims. Today’s closing that I have is much like most closings I have in that the deal just got better and better as we got closer to closing. My borrower will come to the closing table today to sign a loan that has a lower loan amount, lower fees, and more cash out than what we had originally agreed on. The financial benefits as well as the personal benefits for my borrower are such that I am positive she is getting the absolute best deal for her financial situation.

After today I continue to work with my current borrowers and continue to look for more who want honest, friendly and educational service. If you are reading this and have never had a loan closing go the way I described above please give me a call and we can chat about what makes me different from the rest.

Chris Coates