I remember hearing a radio commercial by DJ Davenport with America Capital Financial saying that they will beat any rate and the process of the loan will be easy and painless.  I thought this can’t be true.  So, I made a call to D.J. that week to explain my interest in refinancing my current loan. I was surprised when he suggested that right now it was not in my best interest to refinance. Wow! I couldn’t believe that he was looking out for my interests.  We talked a couple more times throughout year and finally it was the right time to refinance.  I just completed the process with D.J this month. I can say that he was true to his word. The process was easy and painless. I got a great rate and completed the refinance earlier than expected.  DJ was professional throughout the whole process. He answered all my questions quickly and promptly and let me know when he needed something.  For the first time in my life, the process of refinancing was so easy.  I would recommend American Capital Financial to anyone who needs a new mortgage loan or needs to refinance their current loan and does not want to go through the normal hassles people experience with other mortgage companies. Thank You D.J and American Capital Financial for doing a great job with my refinance. I really appreciate it.