I’m not in the habit of writing testimonials but after my experience with American Capital, I felt compelled to do so. I have worked in healthcare for more than 30 years, so I know how important quality customer service can be. I was surprised to find that same commitment when my wife and I decided to try one last time to refinance our home. See, we were becoming pretty jaded with the whole process after having tried twice before with a large “reputable bank” because my wife was very skeptical of working with anyone else. Since we were only seeking to do a straight refinance for what was owed, we thought it would be a slam dunk for our home.  Despite being a veteran seeking a VA loan, having a strong combined income and establishing an excellent credit rating, we kept running into a road block with our past attempts. There were several unfulfilled promises, expenses and several month delays during both inquiries only to find out we owed too much money on our home and were told we needed to provide more of a down payment in order to refinance. Since we did not have a lot of surplus income however, we missed out on the excellent rates during the past two years.  Well with American Capital this time was very different. The president D.J. Davenport worked with us directly and was remarkably accessible and responsive to all of our calls and questions. What makes this story even a little more unique is my first call to D.J. was anything but cordial. I was already angry and spelled out my displeasure with the system. D.J. listened to me patiently and then spelled out exactly what information was needed and said he would get back to us the next day. Surprisingly he did so. The whole process from beginning to end took less than 30 days as promised. In fact the whole process was so easy; we kept waiting for the “catch.”  Well none came and my wife and I could not be happier. One final thing I wanted to share is the most humorous part of the story. We all know that banks routinely sell home loans and ironically ours got sold to the same big box and “reputable” bank we had tried to refinance with before but at a better rate. We are very grateful to D.J. and his team and without hesitation, encourage you to make American Capital part of your research. We are confident after speaking with them you will have a hard time not making them your #1 mortgage financial resource.