I wanted to take a brief moment to write about my experience with the American Capital team.  After completing the brief application process DJ called me back to discuss my credit report and I was completely confused because my score was 73 points lower than it was just two months prior when I financed a vehicle.  DJ was very attentive to my concerns over the drop in credit score and assured me that he would get to the bottom of it.  To be honest, I was a little pessimistic that he would find a way to repair it but I was certainly hopeful because I knew how much it would ultimately affect my potential interest rate.  Within hours DJ called me back with a game plan on how to manage my existing accounts.  After moving some funds around, we waited two weeks to pull the credit again and I was absolutely amazed when the score had completely rebounded to the number I was hoping for.  DJ treated my loan like it was the only one he was working on and devoted a lot of time and energy to go above and beyond my expectations.  I also worked closely with Martin Blunt when it came time to getting all of the necessary documents together.  With the current state of our economy lenders are making it pretty complicated to refinance so the list of stipulations felt like a mile long.  Martin took all of the pressure off of me by diligently working to get all of my documents organized and submitted.  I have never been in a financial transaction of any sort that was completed with no surprises, but everything that the American Capital team said they could do for me, they delivered on.  I would highly recommend DJ and Martin along with the American Capital team for any real estate transaction!