After having an awful experience purchasing, and closing on my first home, I was hesitant in putting my faith and trust in a mortgage broker ever again.  But with the rate environment that came in early 2008, I had to refinance, and found American Capital to stand out among their peers as a premiere mortgage broker.  I worked with a fellow named Chris, who’s knowledge and experience was a comfort.  He had a great feel for where the rates were heading and was there at the closing to help with any questions I had.  I lowered my Mortgage Payment by a few hundred dollars, and I broke even on my loan in 3 months.  I have recommended American Capital to several friends and family and all have had similar experiences, and those who could not refinance gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the mortgage world and what the had to do to improve their specific situations.  Thanks guys for all of your help, myself and my family appreciates it.