I would like to take a few moments and share my home buying  experience with American Capital Financial; After years of renting and never owning a home I decided to try and purchase a home for the first time with no idea how to do this!  I decided to work with Chris Coates at ACF.   Chris was able to look at my credit report and explain in great detail where the challenges were and how to go about repairing the years of damage done to my credit report.   Within a month (and I’m not saying it will be as quick for everybody),  my credit score was ready to begin the home buying journey! The process of buying a home is to say the least the most gut wrenching, nerve testing experience I have ever been through and I seriously don’t think I could have gotten through it without the experience, professionalism and knowledge Chris has.   I closed on my first home EVER in October of 09! If Chris is an example to which ACF holds itself and all of its associates , then I would recommend Chris Coates and American Capital Financial to anyone looking to purchase a home. I will definitely call them first if I ever need to refinance my existing or purchase another home!