As a first time buyer, I was extremely skeptical about finding the best rates and very wary of “getting played”. After getting several quotes, I found that DJ offered me the best deal. Not only that, he’s local, so he went so far as to drive all the way to Aurora to meet me on my lunch break so I could finish signing paperwork on time. You just don’t get that with big lenders. I also worked with a real estate agent that he was familiar with and it was all just seamless. I never once felt that I was being taking advantage of, all the numbers were as advertised, and DJ was always (and still is) available. I have recommended him to several other friends – they have all used him, and had the exact same satisfying experience. I can’t recommend him enough.  And as an edit – I just thought of this: DJ sat down with me, no contract, or money pending, to educate me on the mortgage market. Again, not an industry standard, but, he did it, free of charge. BEFORE I even agreed to sign with him. That’s exceptional.