DJ is among the best professionals I have ever worked with in any field. His level of expertise, communication and decorum are beyond reproach. I was particularly pleased with his work due to the stressful nature of being a first-time home buyer with little planning or interest in buying a home at the time of purchase. It was a necessity buy and he helped me get through the process as though I had been planning the move for years. The process felt almost automatic because of the ease with which DJ went about his business. He always kept me well informed of the happenings without speaking endless jargon. In the end, DJ got me a great rate and helped me make a killer investment. I likely would not have bought at the time I did (Denver 2012) had it not been for DJ telling me to act fast.  I have recommended DJ to a number of people who are looking to get into home buying or are just in need of a damn good guy who knows the business in and out. Throughout the years since I first worked with DJ, I have hit him up with various questions about options moving forward. He has always responded quickly and given an honest answer. It’s easy to say things like, “such and such is the best,” and not really mean that to its fullest extent. When saying DJ is the best, I mean: DJ Davenport is the best.