Aaron O.

DJ is among the best professionals I have ever worked with in any field. His level of expertise, communication and decorum are beyond reproach. I was particularly pleased with his work due to the stressful nature of being a first-time home buyer with little planning or interest in buying a home at the time of purchase. It was a necessity buy and he helped me get through the process as though I had been planning the move for years. The process felt almost automatic because of the ease with which DJ went about his business. He always kept me well informed of the happenings without speaking endless jargon. In the end, DJ got me a great rate and helped me make a killer investment. I likely would not have bought at the time I did (Denver 2012) had it not been for DJ telling me to act fast.  I have recommended DJ to a number of people who are looking to get into home buying or are just in need of a damn good guy who knows the business in and out. Throughout the years since I first worked with DJ, I have hit him up with various questions about options moving forward. He has always responded quickly and given an honest answer. It’s easy to say things like, “such and such is the best,” and not really mean that to its fullest extent. When saying DJ is the best, I mean: DJ Davenport is the best.

Steve and Maria I.

I’m not in the habit of writing testimonials but after my experience with American Capital, I felt compelled to do so. I have worked in healthcare for more than 30 years, so I know how important quality customer service can be. I was surprised to find that same commitment when my wife and I decided to try one last time to refinance our home. See, we were becoming pretty jaded with the whole process after having tried twice before with a large “reputable bank” because my wife was very skeptical of working with anyone else. Since we were only seeking to do a straight refinance for what was owed, we thought it would be a slam dunk for our home.  Despite being a veteran seeking a VA loan, having a strong combined income and establishing an excellent credit rating, we kept running into a road block with our past attempts. There were several unfulfilled promises, expenses and several month delays during both inquiries only to find out we owed too much money on our home and were told we needed to provide more of a down payment in order to refinance. Since we did not have a lot of surplus income however, we missed out on the excellent rates during the past two years.  Well with American Capital this time was very different. The president D.J. Davenport worked with us directly and was remarkably accessible and responsive to all of our calls and questions. What makes this story even a little more unique is my first call to D.J. was anything but cordial. I was already angry and spelled out my displeasure with the system. D.J. listened to me patiently and then spelled out exactly what information was needed and said he would get back to us the next day. Surprisingly he did so. The whole process from beginning to end took less than 30 days as promised. In fact the whole process was so easy; we kept waiting for the “catch.”  Well none came and my wife and I could not be happier. One final thing I wanted to share is the most humorous part of the story. We all know that banks routinely sell home loans and ironically ours got sold to the same big box and “reputable” bank we had tried to refinance with before but at a better rate. We are very grateful to D.J. and his team and without hesitation, encourage you to make American Capital part of your research. We are confident after speaking with them you will have a hard time not making them your #1 mortgage financial resource.

Steve S.

I remember hearing a radio commercial by DJ Davenport with America Capital Financial saying that they will beat any rate and the process of the loan will be easy and painless.  I thought this can’t be true.  So, I made a call to D.J. that week to explain my interest in refinancing my current loan. I was surprised when he suggested that right now it was not in my best interest to refinance. Wow! I couldn’t believe that he was looking out for my interests.  We talked a couple more times throughout year and finally it was the right time to refinance.  I just completed the process with D.J this month. I can say that he was true to his word. The process was easy and painless. I got a great rate and completed the refinance earlier than expected.  DJ was professional throughout the whole process. He answered all my questions quickly and promptly and let me know when he needed something.  For the first time in my life, the process of refinancing was so easy.  I would recommend American Capital Financial to anyone who needs a new mortgage loan or needs to refinance their current loan and does not want to go through the normal hassles people experience with other mortgage companies. Thank You D.J and American Capital Financial for doing a great job with my refinance. I really appreciate it.

Aaron & Keisha S.

Being a first time home buyer I had A LOT of uncertainties and wasn’t even sure if my husband and I could be approved to purchase a home. I received a call from Chris Coates after applying for more information online for first time home buyers and his knowledge and superior customer service really eased my mind. From the very beginning I had a lot of faith and most importantly trust in Chris and American Capital Financial. Going through the pre-approval process with Chris was so informative and he told me EXACTLY what I needed to do to clean up my credit in order to be approved for a loan. I took his advice and several month later I called Chris to start the process. Chris was able to pre-approve my husband and I for a first time home-buyer loan and 4 1/2 months later my husband and I closed on our brand new home. If it wasn’t for Chris and his knowledge and the hard work he did for my husband and I, we wouldn’t be in our home today. I would HIGHLY recommend American Capital Financial to anyone who is looking to purchase a home. You will not be disappointed and  very well taken care of for sure.

Denise G.

When it comes down to it, buying a house is scary.  You’re required to give out multitudes of personal information, put a large amount of money on the line, and the most terrifying part is you have to put your trust in lots of different people. It is for this reason that I am so grateful I trusted ACF to be my Mortgage Broker. I was a first time homebuyer and I had no idea how the process even worked or how to get started.  All I knew is that I had found the house of my dreams and I needed to jump on it quick.  Dj and the ACF group acted immediately.  Dj got my loan rolling and was always available to answer any questions I had or to process any paper work that needed to be completed.  Dj fought to get me the best rate possible. He pointed out necessary fees and stood up for me when expenses should have been allocated elsewhere. He was incredibly thorough and spent the time I needed to feel confident about the whole procedure. The entire time I felt that I had a professional ‘in my corner’. In the end I got an amazing rate and the house of my dreams in a very short time. Using ACF was the best decision I’ve made and I highly recommend them.

Jodean G.

I would like to take a few moments and share my home buying  experience with American Capital Financial; After years of renting and never owning a home I decided to try and purchase a home for the first time with no idea how to do this!  I decided to work with Chris Coates at ACF.   Chris was able to look at my credit report and explain in great detail where the challenges were and how to go about repairing the years of damage done to my credit report.   Within a month (and I’m not saying it will be as quick for everybody),  my credit score was ready to begin the home buying journey! The process of buying a home is to say the least the most gut wrenching, nerve testing experience I have ever been through and I seriously don’t think I could have gotten through it without the experience, professionalism and knowledge Chris has.   I closed on my first home EVER in October of 09! If Chris is an example to which ACF holds itself and all of its associates , then I would recommend Chris Coates and American Capital Financial to anyone looking to purchase a home. I will definitely call them first if I ever need to refinance my existing or purchase another home!

Ryan K.

I wanted to take a brief moment to write about my experience with the American Capital team.  After completing the brief application process DJ called me back to discuss my credit report and I was completely confused because my score was 73 points lower than it was just two months prior when I financed a vehicle.  DJ was very attentive to my concerns over the drop in credit score and assured me that he would get to the bottom of it.  To be honest, I was a little pessimistic that he would find a way to repair it but I was certainly hopeful because I knew how much it would ultimately affect my potential interest rate.  Within hours DJ called me back with a game plan on how to manage my existing accounts.  After moving some funds around, we waited two weeks to pull the credit again and I was absolutely amazed when the score had completely rebounded to the number I was hoping for.  DJ treated my loan like it was the only one he was working on and devoted a lot of time and energy to go above and beyond my expectations.  I also worked closely with Martin Blunt when it came time to getting all of the necessary documents together.  With the current state of our economy lenders are making it pretty complicated to refinance so the list of stipulations felt like a mile long.  Martin took all of the pressure off of me by diligently working to get all of my documents organized and submitted.  I have never been in a financial transaction of any sort that was completed with no surprises, but everything that the American Capital team said they could do for me, they delivered on.  I would highly recommend DJ and Martin along with the American Capital team for any real estate transaction!