Buy a House and Make Money??? You Bet!!!

As the market continues to run on a very flat line, many wonder when (if ever) there will be a positive shift in home prices.  There is only one answer to that… Of course there will be!!  And it starts with you!  You are the driving force in the economy.  There is no better time to buy a home than right now.  Sure you may need a little money to put down on the home but the government is truly looking to seriously pad your wallet (or purse) right back up.  Remember that from now until the end of December 2009 if you are a first time home buyer you are entitled to an $8,000 TAX CREDIT!!  That’s right a credit, not a write off, and actual credit to you for $8,000.  Buying a home now when the market is at rock bottom only set’s you up for success.  A down market has no choice but to go up at some point.  The only way it happens is by getting involved and helping yourself get into a home you have dreamed of and sit on your new investment as it raises in value and diminishes in debt.  Remember only YOU can help turn the market around, and when you can do it and profit a cool $8,000 right away, YOU WIN!!!  Did I mention that rates are still lower than you may ever see them?  Just another reason Now is the right time to buy a home!!  Call me today and I can tell you more!


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Should I wait to lock my Interest Rate???

Is there a proper time to ever lock in a rate?  If you ask me I say absolutely….whenever YOU feel the rate is at its lowest.  As much as I wish we were psychic and could predict where rates were going to be tomorrow, a week or month from now, I unfortunately am just not that gifted (nor is anyone else in our industry).  Gambling is fun, but not when it comes to your home and finances.  The key to locking in your interest rate is doing it and not looking back at what it is the next day, week or month.  Most of the time rates are higher than the time you locked anyway.  It all comes down to comfort.  Are you comfortable with your payment?  If the feeling is that you are getting a good deal, then you are a winner regardless of what rates do after you lock them.  Look at it like this: You go to a grocery store and have coupons for a few items and no coupons for others.  Low and behold a week later most of the items you purchased initially without coupons, now have coupons associated with them.  Do you feel like you could have done better?  Possibly, but the fact remains that you still won on that first trip to the grocery store because you were able to buy at discount for some of your items.  There are always going to be opportunities to save money, it all comes down to timing.  If everyone knew the right time, we would all be millionaires!!  Now back to your mortgage- The bottom line is committing to a lock for your mortgage should be a great feeling.  Knowing that you have a rate that you like and can afford makes you a winner regardless of what rates may do a day, week or months from now!      

D.J. Davenport


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