Testimonial Letter 2

To All Perspective Borrowers:

     I have known Chris Coates both personally and professionally for the better part of the past decade.  He, and his associates at American Capital Financial, have been handling around 80% of my loans since I entered the real estate business and I could not be more impressed.
     What sets Chris and his team apart from other mortgage lenders is his high level of communication, care, and thoroughness.  When I, or my clients, need to speak with Chris, he goes above and beyond to make time.  He really makes me feel like I’m his number one concern, usually spending significant portions of his day responding to concerns directly from me or my borrowers.  I have never had to wait for a returned phone call or email, which is a huge advantage in the time sensitive world we live in.  Chris is the only lender I’ve dealt with that cares enough to come to each closing, just to make sure the buyers completely understand the final numbers and make sure closing goes smoothly.
     Chris has been able to keep me updated on every type of loan product available, which in turn has helped me grow my business.  Having Chris in my back pocket, knowing that his expertise is consistently updated, and practically applied, gives me the power to deal with more complex transactions.  I’ve worked with Chris on conventional, FHA, VA, short
sale, and Homepath loans — nothing phases him.  The depth of his knowledge is unsurpassed.
More than anything, Chris is a very down to earth and understanding person who is passionate about doing the job right and being an advocate for his clients.  He spends time with them and listens to and addresses their needs, all while providing his expertise to calm nervous customers.  That being said, his relaxed demeanor doesn’t mean that he won’t fight to make sure his borrowers get the best possible deal, with the most attractive terms.
     I have truly enjoyed working with Chris and will continue to refer clients to him because I know he is in a class of his own in the lending world.  Work with Chris and you’ll be glad you did.
Jared E. Reimer
Broker Associate
Reimer Real Estate
Prudential Rocky Mountain REALTORS



My wife and I have lived in Colorado for 5 years on and off.  After deciding to make Denver home in 2009 we began renting in NW Denver.  It was a blessing and a curse.  Although we fell in love with the area and deciding that we wanted to buy a home there without question, we quickly learned it was a very challenging place to buy a first home.   I was intimidated to say the least.  I began researching lenders and was overwhelmed at the amount of choice in the Denver area.  Since it seems that few decisions are important or long term than a house purchase, I was dedicated to getting it right.  It was at this point that I was introduced to American Capital Financial.   I had heard from a friend that they were a firm that did things differently.  He spoke about their warm personal service, there amazing experience and knowledge of the industry, and how they had gone to the end of the earth to save every penny possible and make sure that he understood every detail of the process.  That was music to my ears.  After meeting the American Capital team, I was sold.

With that decision made, I was introduced to Chris Coates, who ended up being our lender, our guide, and our friend.  What neither of us could know at the time was that my wife, Chris and I were about to go on a 12 month, 100 house expedition, that would border on insanity at times.  Throughout the process Chris made it his mission to make sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we both understood the intricacies of each offer.  He would check and double check that we knew why something had changed, or why this term or that was so important.  His depth of knowledge and passion for his profession was inspiring.

When we finally found the house that we knew was the one, we were hit with one big catch—it was a short sale.  Chris sat us down and explained all the challenges with this type of sale, the timing issues, and prepared us for what was ahead.  Although the process took over 6 months to finally make it to close, Chris was there every step of the way.  Often times, he was asked by the bank to produce documents in a time frame that most thought was impossible.  It showed the amazing network of partners and relationships that American Capital has at its disposal.  Pure and simple they get it done fast, and they get it done right!

We have now been in our house for about 7 months and we could not be happier.  My wife and I never thought such a home would be possible for us.  We also know that it would not have been possible without American Capital Financial and Chris Coates.  Thanks again for all you did for us.  We are forever grateful.



O. Nelson

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