Testimonial Letter 1

In May of 1995 I was diagnosed with cancer. My 12 year battle with this devastating disease left with me with two bankruptcies and a less than desirable mortgage rate from a refinance that I was forced to make while on medical leave. Then in October of 2008 my youngest child hit the age of 18 and the child support I received ended. This left me $1000 a month poorer and in no position to pay my outrageous mortgage on my current salary. I realized that if I didn’t do something quickly another bankruptcy was imminent.

I called the HOPE hot line and was told to try to work through my current mortgage lender. Three months later they told me they could do nothing for me. I started calling the mortgage lenders on the list. Each one gave me the runaround. And then I called DJ.

I retold my story for the umpteenth time and asked what he could do for me. He told me he would call me back within the hour. He did. He told me he believed he could work with me and help me out of my situation. He did! He treated me like I was a million dollar account from day one. Each time he said he would call, he did. It was so refreshing to be treated with respect and dignity after all the rude people I had previously dealt with over the past few months.

He reassured me that my credit had actually improved greatly and that I was eligible for a regular FHA loan. I went from a 12% loan to 5%, saving me over $300 a month! When I went to my closing, the gentleman that walked me through the paperwork spoke so highly of DJ telling me that DJ consistently delivered what he promises clients. I can only state from my experience that it’s true. My final loan was within $20 of my good faith estimate!

I would recommend DJ Davenport without any reservations to anyone who wishes to refinance or secure a new home loan any day. I believe the respect and hard work that he showed a small account like my own speaks volumes about his work ethic and integrity. I would like to take this opportunity to thank DJ for his diligence on my behalf in securing a fair and affordable loan for me, Thanks DJ!

🙂 Patty S.

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