“Anyone who takes the time to call me will hang up the phone with a better understanding of mortgages and mortgage related finances than they ever had before.”

– Chris Coates, Licensed Mortgage Professional

Education is the key.

We are a FHA, VA as well as conforming mortgage broker. Simply put, we have access to just about every mortgage related program available on the market today. Our staff of educated, licensed and insured mortgage professionals will take the time to educate you on the different programs that are available to you. We strongly believe that the only way to insulate our borrowers from making the same home finance mistakes millions of Americans have made in the past is by properly educating every borrower on the products that are available today

Variety really is the spice of life.

Not all banks are created equal. Because of that we work with 40 different banks to make sure we are getting you the best possible deal. We work with the biggest banks in the country as well as many long standing regional banks. The variety of banks we work with allows us to find even the hard to qualify borrowers reasonable 30 year fixed mortgages.

This is what makes us different.

Just because a bank will lend you money does not necessarily mean that you should trust what they say. Millions of smart Americans have lost their home, or had a drastic reduction in credit score because they trusted that a bank would only lend them money if it truly made sense. As we are finding out more and more the banks do not act in the best interest of their borrowers. Our knowledgeable staff will let you know what you qualify for in a home purchase or refinance but we will also take that next step to really let you know what your finances will look like after obtaining a new loan. Debt ratio’s, credit scores, and interest rates only tell part of the story and we pride our selves on going the extra mile to really educate you on what a home purchase or refinance will do to your overall financial picture.

What if I do not qualify?

We talk to hundreds of people a year that do not qualify for a loan. Rather than get off the phone as soon as possible we take the time to educate people on how they can qualify in the future. No situation is too dire to start fixing and we will take the time to go over your credit, and your financial picture as a whole to give you advice on how you can qualify in the future. Our most personally rewarding business comes from people who initially did not qualify and came back to us months later after taking the advice that we gave them.

Use a broker not a bank!

The State of Colorado has recently required all mortgage brokers doing business in the state of Colorado to take continued mortgage education courses, become licensed, obtain errors and emissions insurance and become bonded. As part of the new licensing the state has also put rules in place that require more borrower disclosures that are helping alleviate miss representation and fraud that borrowers have had to deal with in the past. Banks and bankers are exempt from this program and because of that borrower working directly with banks are still working under the old rules that have left so many people confused, deceived and in financial ruin.

American Capital Financial is at the forefront of broker education.

Our company has been calling for broker reform for years and we really have put our money where our mouth is. Our president of the company has been involved from the beginning with the state of Colorado Mortgage Broker task force that has created all the new regulations as well as added borrower protection against deception and fraud. All of our originators are bonded, insured and licensed through their respective states.

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Working with Chris Coates, there were no surprises.  Everything went according to plan, and we even closed two days early!  Chris stayed ahead of the entire process, always keeping us informed, is professional, honest and a delight to work with.  We were amazed at how smoothly and efficiently t…
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